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YuzuMura.com is closed for the foreseeable future. See details on our home page.

YuzuMura.com has been closed since Fall 2009.

Thank you for visiting YuzuMura.com.

You’ve come to know us as a place for excellent quality specialty gifts, and I’ve enjoyed bringing some really distinctive products to the US and working with other great importers.

Our time commitments and priorities have shifted in the last year or so, and I’ve just been unable to deliver the level of service I feel is right. Both Hiromi and I have been focusing on other work in software, spending time connecting with the Japanese community in Seattle, and building a life together. As much as I’m attached to YuzuMura.com, I must let it go. This year, 2009, has been a reasonably profitable year, and that makes the decision all the more painful, but I don’t want this effort to suffer further neglect.

I’m closing the store to new orders until I can find the resources to provide the same level of service I started out doing. I will be able to handle large, direct orders for dragon beard candy with a $400 minimum (about 15 large boxes); please call me at 206-351-0451 if you have such a need; I’ll have them direct-shipped from Hong Kong. For Japanese loose leaf tea, please visit My Green Tea. For matcha products, please visit Three Tree Tea.

When the time is right, I do hope to come back and offer even better selections of contemporary East Asian products, but I just can’t give YuzuMura.com the attention it deserves right now.

If you have an outstanding order with us and it has not yet been shipped, rest assured that your credit card will not be charged. We have no plans to sell customer records and plan to maintain our existing privacy policy.

Thank you for your support over the last 5 years. If you'd like to stay in touch, consider visiting my personal blog.


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