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We feature products from the following manufacturers:

Bamboo Garden
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Bamboo Garden

Bamboo Garden has built their business on bringing traditional Chinese sweets to a contemporary audience.

An expert in the 2000-year old art of making dragon beard candy spent five years researching a way to make this notoriously ephemeral sweet survive the rigors of Hong Kong humidity. He was commited to avoid resorting to preservatives, and to maintain the handmade integrity of the sweet. After five years of experimentation and refinement, Mr. Hong-Keung Wong achieved his goal and began building a reputation as the finest maker of this traditional sweet.

He ultimately created something even more refined and delicate than what was first served to Chinese emperors and aristocrats.

The candy, still handmade in the traditional way, has a delicate crispness, then melts on the tongue. It has a light sweetness that is well suited for high-quality tea or coffee. Each individual piece has nearly 3000 strands. We recommend chilling the candy before serving for an inimitable icy-crispy sensation.

Bamboo Garden has been credited with reviving interest in the art of making this traditional confection, and they are the first company to make it possible to bring a high quality version of this sweet to an international audience.

To accompany your indulgence, Bamboo Garden also offers a selection of excellent Chinese teas.

A video that shows how the candy was made can be found here.

C&C Fine Tea

Focusing on Chinese tea products, C.&C. Fine Tea also produces short runs of fine Yixing teaware, including teapots, an innovative style of tea strainer, and other beautiful, functional tea accessories. C. & C. Fine Tea also makes elegant Bamboo trays for Gongfu style tea service, which is a particularly suitable way of serving oolong, puerh and other Chinese tea.



Committed to using sustainable materials and fair trade practices, Enlighten creates beautiful interior accents from reclaimed teak, bamboo and other beautiful materials.

Enlighten's style is based on the appeal of rustic simplicity. Kalan (Deaw) Intawong's designs are well-suited for contemporary homes. Run by a husband-wife team, Enlighten owners Kalan and Chris Enlighten demonstrate a commitment to responsible use of natural resources.


In Morioka, Japan, Iwachu makes cast-iron teapots (tetsubin) through a complex process that takes up to several months to complete. Originally, cast-iron teapots were used as a kind of tea kettle which could be used for brewing tea; however, modern tetsubin have a protective enamel inside and are used solely for brewing. Many Japanese believe that tea prepared in cast-iron teapots has better taste.

We've selected several elegant tetsubin which can be put to good use for brewing good Japanese or Chinese tea. Of course, even if you aren't a tea drinker, they do make excellent home accents. When not using your tetsubin, consider using it as a mantelpiece or incorporate it as part of a centerpiece on your coffee table.


Kotobuki imports inexpensive Japanese-style teaware, lacquerware and ceramics. We carry some accessories from Kotobuki to support people who are studying sado/chado or tea ceremony.

Lorraine's Kimono Fabric Designs

Lorraine produces handmade cushions and tote bags using fabrics with Japanese motifs. Using recycled kimono fabrics and other unusual materials, the styles vary from contemporary to cute. Because some of the fabrics are limited in supply, no two pieces are exactly alike.

All of Lorraine's products are assembled in the US.

Lu Yu
Lu Yu brings Chinese tea products and bamboo accessories to United States customers. A fixture at tea shops around the Seattle area, Lu Yu provides lighter oolongs and earthy pu-erh teas, in addition to some handmade soaps and cosmetics made with tea seed oil.


Eugene Levy, a Seattle-based importer, grew up drinking high quality green tea in Japan. But in the U.S., he was disappointed by the quality of the tea available here.

He started working with a farmer in Shizuoka, Japan to bring quality tea to the United States. The high-mountain grown tea has won awards from Japan's Ministry of Agriculture. In order to improve the freshness of the tea, Eugene has the tea packaged in resealable foil polybags which have been flushed with nitrogen to prevent further oxidation and fermentation.

You'll be surprised at the purity of flavor in MyGreenTea brand teas. By treating the tea so well, MyGreenTea brand tea just tastes better.

Loose Leaf Teas

For frequent tea drinkers, loose leaf teas offer the best value. You get at least 50 portions of tea in each bag, which you can steep two or three times each. The pouch is reclosable, and keeps out air and light. Store in a cool place.


For most teas, you can choose from loose-leaf or convenient tea bags. Unlike some other brands, the quality of the tea offered in the teabags is exactly the same as that of the loose tea. The nylon-based teabag uses no glues or staples, and unlike paper, will not diminish the aroma of the tea. Also, these teabags allow plenty of room for expansion of the tea leaves during infusion, which is very important for green tea.

Powder sencha

A flavorful, less bitter alternative to matcha. Excellent for making desserts, green tea lattes, and other culinary purposes. Consider mixing with finely ground salt as a condiment for tempura. Mix with a moderate amount of sugar and infuse in an airtight glass jar with vodka or gin for 7 days, then keep in your freezer for a green tea martini.

This page is our "manufacturer information" page. If you'd like to order or learn more about one of the types of tea below, please click on it and you will find detailed information and each packaging option for that tea, and it will allow you to add the tea to your shopping cart.

Seasonal Specials By YuzuMura

Some of our items are tricky to arrange reliably from a single vendor.

When that happens, we work with multiple suppliers to find the best possible quality and value.

Three Tree Tea Company

Masa Harima and Lisa Bosques created a beautiful little tea shop in the once-sleepy Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, offering everything from Japanese style green tea to black tea to the now-obligatory Taiwanese bubble teas. They emphasized careful preparation of teas and even made drinks like masala chai to order.

But they also created the best place in town to get a matcha latte and they are known for their matcha cream roll cake.

For their Matcha latte, they use a blend of good quality matcha and quick-dissolving sugar, mixed with steamed milk for a hot latte or with cold milk for something more suitable for warm weather.

In 2005, Masa and Lisa established the Three Tree Tea company so that they could spread the beverage far and wide. Packaged in their signature gold resealable bags, you'll find it convenient whenever you want to make a smooth, rich matcha drink.

Yuzu Trading Co. LLC

Yuzu Trading Co. LLC distributes high-quality products that Redefine Pacific Lifestyles. When you want a product with a story behind it, Yuzu Trading Co. is the company that can find it.

YuzuMura.com is the internet retail arm of Yuzu Trading Co.

YuzuMura.com offers high-quality products from Asia and other items that are truly Redefining Pacific Lifestyles. We're furiously working to fully populate our site with beautiful Japanese ceramics, handmade cushions, and other nifty objects.

Brands Yuzu Trading Co. sells at wholesale include Bamboo Garden and Hinoki Deitanseki. For wholesale account inquiries, please call 206-274-4575.


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