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Matcha Products:

Matcha was introduced to Japan by a Buddhist monk who had studied in China about 800 years ago. It was originally seen as having mystical properties. Filled with antioxidants, high quality whole tea leaves are steamed, then stone ground into a fine powder.

Matcha is produced from plants that are shade covered for about a month before harvest to concentrate the tannins of the tea. When served traditionally, a bowl of matcha will typically be served with a Japanese sweet, often made from glutinous rice and some kind of sweetened bean paste, or with anything from chestnuts to sweet potatoes.

Many people study the Japanese Buddhist ritual of tea ceremony for years, but increasingly, Japanese are enjoying the traditional flavor of Matcha in more casual ways. We like it as a flavoring for desserts such as ice cream, cookies and cakes. In Japanese coffee shops over the last five or six years, the Matcha Latte emerged as a mellow alternative to the standard cafe latte.

We work closely with Three Tree Tea to offer very high quality Matcha products, including their signature, all-natural "Ippuku" Matcha Latte blend, which is very mild, complex and lightly sweetened; you can enjoy it blended it with milk, soy milk or as a frappe or milkshake. But if you're looking for something more traditional, we have their excellent Certified Organic Matcha for tea ceremony, or a superior-quality conventionally grown tea ceremony matcha.

If you like both matcha and the toasted-rice tea called GenmaichaMyGreenTea has an excellent nitrogen-flushed blend that combines both. Their Matcha-genmaicha is rich with the clean but complex taste of good quality Japanese green tea, the comforting toasty aroma of the rice, and brilliant with the color of the matcha.

Whether you're looking for traditional or new ways of enjoying Matcha, we offer you something you'll be sure to enjoy. Take a look at some of our suggested recipes for cocktails and desserts using matcha. We also have other excellent options for Chinese and Japanese teas, and we have a selection of artisan matcha bowls and related accessories.

"Ippuku" Matcha Latte mix

Green Tea White Chocolate Fortune Cookies

Matcha White Chocolates

Organic Tea Ceremony Grade Matcha

Superior Tea Ceremony Grade Matcha

Matcha for Cooking



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