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I don't know exactly when I started drinking tea, but I remember the comforting flavors of various aromatized black teas from the time I was a teenager. In college, I made a ritual out of serving tea and chatting with my friends on the foor of my poorly furnished dorm room, repurposing Japanese furoshiki (a wrapping cloth) as a makeshift tablecloth, and I was always seeking out teapots and stoneware for preparing and drinking tea.

As I got exposed to better quality teas, I learned to appreciate the simple, clean flavors of Japanese sencha and kukicha, and occasionally finding a truly memorable oolong or darjeeling tea. On a business trip in Hong Kong, I spent a few days constantly sipping earthy Pu-Erh tea in the office through days of meetings, taking comfort in its humble flavor.

But I also started collecting very nice Japanese teaware... from my first meoto-jawan set (husband-wife teacup pair... I bought them because I thought they were pretty, not because I was getting married) to a gift of a teapot and 5 cups I received made with a classic Hagi glaze... to a cast-iron teapot particularly suited to green teas... to a true Black Raku tea bowl and chasen, which unfortunately didn't survive my trip home without developing a small hairline crack.

I'm always searching for memorable teaware. You can find some of my favorites right here, from ceramic kyuusu to cast-iron enameled tetsubin, to the occasional teabowl suitable for Japanese tea ceremony.  These are all items suitable for every-day tea drinking and special occasions. You can use some of the items for purely decorative purposes, if you so choose, but I think one of the pleasures of even the best hand-made Japanese ceramics is that they are eminently functional.


Bamboo Tea Trays

Cast-iron teapots


Matcha Bowls and Accessories

Tea Brewers

Yixing Clayware

Discontinued: Small Dark Brown Bamboo Tea Tray, 13"x7"x2"

Large Bamboo Tea Tray, 18.75"x13.5"x2"

Long Bamboo Tea Tray, 17"x7.5"x2"

Medium Bamboo Tea Tray, 14"x9.5"x2"

Medium Bamboo Tea Tray, 15.75"x11"x2"

Silver Matsuba Tetsubin (600 ml/22 oz)

TeaMaster Brewing System, Basic

TeaMaster Brewing System, Full Tray


Yunomi with earthy spirals (sold)

Minowa Yasuo Matcha-Jawan (Mashiko) (sold)

Chinese Porcelain Tea Infuser Set

Yixing Teapot With Living Grooves

Yixing Teapot, Red, Rounded Corner Cubic Form

Aka/Chairo Kaede Tetsubin (600 ml/22 oz)

Cast-iron Cha-Kiiro Ichiyo Yunomi (teacup) discontinued-call for alternatives

Electric Ao Senbiki Tetsubin (600 ml/22 oz)

Kuro Kikugoh 650 ml Tetsubin (650 ml/23.5 oz)

Kuro Shamisen Tetsubin (540 ml/20 oz.)


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