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Matcha Bowls and Accessories:

We carry a select number of Matcha bowls, and we look for ones we think will find a good home.

Most of the ones you will find here are made by Minowa Yasuo, whose work is very shibui, and therefore provide a subtleness that suitably contrasts the color of matcha. His matcha bowls are usually ash-glazed or temmoku.

We also offer tea-ceremony grade matcha. Three Tree Tea imports both a high quality organically-grown matcha and a superior quality conventionally grown matcha.

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Minowa Yasuo Matcha-Jawan (Mashiko) (sold)

Minowa Yasuo makes a small number of Matcha bowls. This ash-glazed bowl is beautiful, and although it doesn't really have a left-hand side stamp in the style of Raku-yaki tea bowls, you can use...

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Our Price: $200.00 

Chasen 120-Tate (Matcha whisk, 120 bristles)

The more "tate" in your bamboo matcha whisk, or chasen, the better your matcha will whisk.

A single piece of bamboo is split into 120 bristles. This 120-tate chasen from Three Tree Tea...

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Our Price: $25.00 

Chasen, 80-Tate (Matcha Whisk, 80 bristle)

This basic 80-bristle tea whisk will help you make a good bowl of matcha by allowing you to break up the beads of matcha.

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Our Price: $15.00 

Matcha Furui

You can reduce beading by passing your matcha through a Matcha Furui sieve.

This kit includes a small spoon, the sieve, and canister. You may store matcha in the canister after use or...

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Our Price: $30.00 

Chashaku Shiro (for Matcha)

Use this white bamboo Chashaku to scoop matcha to prepare your tea.

Note: Natsume and Matcha Bowl are not included in this price and are presented for illustration...

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Our Price: $6.00 

Natsume, a Canister for Matcha

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Our Price: $15.00 
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