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 Hong Kong

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Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is no longer exclusively the province of street vendors hustling a good bargain.

Shopping is almost religion here. You can find incredible bargains, but you can also find incredible extravagance. Gift-giving is, like anywhere else, partially a way of making a statement. The business districts, the markets, the factories are full of energy. The city is alive with urgency. When it's time to be practical, Hong Kongnese practice the art of the deal. When times are good, people want to share their success with others.

When night falls, the sky fills with the animated lights of skyscrapers,  set against the mountain backdrop surrounding the harbor. The towers are a testament to a never-ending drive toward bigger accomplishments.

Today's Hong Kongnese have sophisticated tastes. Cultural collisions, a history of rapid growth, and extreme population density make all sorts of things possible. Steadily, indigenous brands are establishing a foothold and will soon make the leap to the rest of the world. YuzuMura.com is dedicated to taking you there.

This is where you'll find the most memorable products from Hong Kong. Start here.


Bamboo Garden Icy-Crispy Dragon Beard Candy

Bamboo Garden Monkey Pick Premium Oolong Tea

Bamboo Garden Pu-Erh Tea

Bamboo Garden Tikuanyin Premium Oolong Tea

Bamboo Garden Wu-Yi Shuixian Tea


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