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People often feel the need to say that China is in transition... the economy and culture are transforming. But actually China has always been in transition... The Republican era around 1911, the fomentation of radical thought in the late 1800s, several waves of attempts at colonization and conquest by outside forces from Mongolia, Japan, England, and so on... Shifts in imperial power, domestic struggles, etc... China has been in transition for a long time. So it somehow seems trite to mention it. After all, every country is in some kind of transition.

The cultural and commerical evolution of China, though, somehow fascinates the rest of the world, perhaps because these changes are now having an effect on the lives of nearly everyone.

Inside China, too, people are experiencing rapid shifts in available opportunities, lifestyles, and wants. Newfound wealth creates new opportunities, and challenges, for traditional craft and agricultural industries, and a lot of companies have to struggle between the low-resistance path of serving mass-market international needs and the harder path of developing products with a distinctly Chinese identity, relevant in a contemporary context.

I believe that, over time, China will gradually produce indigenous brands that will simultaneously acknowledge traditional aesthetics and evolve to new heights. YuzuMura.com will travel with you along the way.

Chinese Porcelain Tea Infuser Set
Lu Yu Specially Portioned Tea in beautiful gift bo

Chinese Tea Portion Pack Gift Box (Various varieties)

Discontinued: Small Dark Brown Bamboo Tea Tray, 13"x7"x2"

Green Tea Oil Moisture Cream

Green Tea Oil Skin Balm

Green Tea Seed Oil Soap

Jasmine Pearls in Reusable Tea Jar

Large Bamboo Tea Tray, 18.75"x13.5"x2"

Long Bamboo Tea Tray, 17"x7.5"x2"

Medium Bamboo Tea Tray, 14"x9.5"x2"

Medium Bamboo Tea Tray, 15.75"x11"x2"

TeaMaster Brewing System, Basic

TeaMaster Brewing System, Full Tray

Yixing Teapot With Convex Tiers

Yixing Teapot, Rectangular with Gold-adorned Facets

Yixing Teapot, Red, Rounded Corner Cubic Form


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