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Ceramics - SENDA Yoshiaki  


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SENDA Yoshiaki:

The wonders of neriyaki

Senda's patterns are created through combining colored clays in a technique called neriyaki. This cross section demonstrates the intricate work required. Note the contrasting affect created by the transparent glaze inside the form.
In some cases, after the basic pattern is created, surface decorations might be applied using a brush.
Whether the pattern is simple or complex, the design is visible all the way through the form.

Yoshiaki Senda's technique requires hand-layering various types of clays, then shaping the forms. In some cases, the ornamentation is visible on both sides of the pot. In other cases, contrasting colors or glazes are applied. Unlike popular marbling techniques involving wedging different colors of clay together and accentuating the marbling effect using trimming techniques, Senda’s technique allows for precise control of the pattern which emerges. Some of the objects have a deceptively elegant simplicity, such as those with repeated geometric patterns; others have more organic motifs, such as those with cherry blossoms or leaves.



  • 1951 - Born in Kagoshima prefecture
  • Graduate of Kyoto Prefectural Potter Training School
  • Graduate of Kyoto City Department of Industrial Laboratory Pottery
  • Based in Mashiko City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

Hiromi met up with Senda-san recently, and he provided us these "broken" pieces that demonstrate the amazing level of work that goes into each piece.

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"Gosu" Blue & white combined clay mugs by Senda

Inverse blue & white floral theme by Senda. With very thin lines, the hand-combined colors are very tricky to pull off. Roughly 300ml capacity.

Sold as a pair, but if you'd like to...

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Our Price: $299.00 

"Gosu" combined clay mugs by Senda

An unusually large mug by Japanese standards, this one fits just about 450 ml or 16 fl. oz. It's enough for a "grande" latte or a bottle of beer. Senda's inimitable combined clay technique...

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Our Price: $320.00 

Kobachi (small bowl)

You could use this small bowl for various side dishes, particularly ohitashi or aemono, where you really want to highlight the green color of lightly seasoned greens. The checkerboard inversion...

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Our Price: $49.00 

Long sakura plate (currently sold out)

This sakura-themed long plate is perfect for a small grilled fish or for an elegant presentation of shared nibbles.

Currently sold out; we may be able to get more in this style. Please...

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Our Price: $90.00 

Pair of yunomi (teacup) with spiral pattern (sold out)

This teacup pair features Mr. Senda's signature combined clay decoration technique with a fascinating counter-spiral of texture.

Sold as a pair. Price includes both cups....

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Our Price: $200.00 

Red-brown Sakura mugs by Senda Yoshiaki (sold out)

Geometry meets nature with these sakura themed mugs by Senda Yoshiaki. Roughly a 300ml capacity, these are made with the painstaking combined clay technique that Mr. Senda perfected. Suitable...

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Our Price: $240.00 

Sakura compote bowl

This small bowl offers an elegant presentation for compote or sweets... maybe cream anmitsu or fruits mitsumame. It features fine detail using Senda's signature combined clay decoration...

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Our Price: $90.00 

Sakura themed cylinder (small vase) (sold out)

This small cylinder is just a bit taller than a yunomi, and would make a nice small vase. You can also use it as a drinking vessel. The sakura theme has colored slip applied in some areas, and...

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Our Price: $100.00 

Tokkuri and sakazuki pair by Senda

This beautiful sake bottle comes with two sakazuki (low, open cups) and is an incredible example of neri-yaki (combined clay decoration). I haven't had one of...

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Our Price: $450.00 


An almost confetti-like geometric theme emerges in this yunomi (teacup), which Senda-san created using the technique of combining multicolored clays.

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Our Price: $100.00 

Yunomi with earthy spirals (sold)

Yunomi (teacup) with a style reminiscent of the wedging/marbling style, still using Senda's signature painstaking technique of manually combining different clay colors.

Only one...

(read more...)

Our Price: $100.00 
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