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Korean Yuja Tea  

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Yuja-cha, also known as yuzu tea or citron tea, is made with honey and sugar and packaged like a marmalade.

Our supplier's yuja-cha has an incredibly high percentage of fruit in their recipe: 55%. That means you'll have more yuzu flavor and less sweetness. The fruit is grown on Cheju island in the shadow of Mt. Halla, which is known for particularly aromatic yuzu, thanks to volcanic soil and an ideal climate. It makes a wonderfully flavorful, comforting drink with a high vitamin C content..

The first availability is expected to be mid-March 2005.

Serving suggestions: Try mixing a heaping tablespoon with 1/2 to 2/3 cup of boiling water. Serve in a small cup with a spoon. Garnish with raw, untoasted pine nuts, if desired. Drink the liquid, and, if you like, eat the peel with your spoon.

Other ways to use: I like to mix yuja tea with plain yogurt in the morning, or serve on buttered toast or English muffins, like a marmalade. I've also mixed it with cream, milk, and honey or sugar to make an ice cream.

Photo Product SKU Description Price Order
Large size CHEYZ003 The large size makes roughly 50 servings. 1100 grams or 2.4 pounds. $11.99  
Medium size CHEYZ002

This 600 gram size makes roughly 25 servings.

Small size CHEYZ001 The small size makes about 10 servings. Net weight, 300g. $5.99  


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