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Teaware - TeaMaster Brewing System, Full Tray  


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TeaMaster Brewing System, Full Tray  

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Lu Yu makes "Gongfu" style tea preparation simple with their new series of "TeaMaster" Brewing Systems. Jason Chen's patented system for brewing tea brings out the best in Chinese teas, particularly oolong and pu erh teas.

This TeaMasterĀ® Brewing System comes with a porcelain-lined Yixing clay tea brewer, a glass pot for serving, and four elegant porcelain-lined Yixing clay teacups. You'll also receive a few samples of perfectly portioned Chinese tea to get started with your brewer. You also get a beautiful bamboo tea tray, suitable for Gongfu-style tea service.

To use this system, you simply place about a tablespoon of tea leaves (3-5 grams for oolong or Chinese green teas, 7 grams for Pu Erh teas) in the infuser, and pour hot water over your teas. The infuser filters the tea just long enough to bring out the best flavors. With this brewer, you can generally make at least 3, and up to about 9 infusions, with most quality Chinese teas.

After using, discard the tea and rinse the infuser.

A complete Gongfu-style tea tray, with an insert that allows you to discard pot-warming water in the tray, is included in the elegant gift set. We also have a version with a simpler serving tray.

TeaMaster Brewing System, Full Tray
Weight:8 lbs.
In Stock:Yes

TeaMaster Brewing System, Basic


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