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Food & Beverage - Black Forest Chai by Three Tree Tea  


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Black Forest Chai by Three Tree Tea  

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Masa became well-known for his fresh chai brewed at Masalisa. Made with black tea, his signature "house chai" can be brewed in a saucepan in just a few minutes. You can serve it straightaway or store a supply in your refrigerator... Either way, it will be fresher-tasting than any chai you'd find in a box.

You can make it hot or iced. Simmer 1 tbsp. for 10 fl. oz. water for a few minutes in a saucepan and strain. Add hot milk and sugar for an Indian-style masala chai, or steam milk for a coffeehouse-style "chai latte." For iced, brew the tea as normal, sweeten to taste, and chill. Pour over ice and add cold milk.

Unlike instant spiced chai from a box, this blend has the added advantage of letting you customize the level of sweetness to your personal taste. The flavor profile is fairly spicy, but not overwhelming.

Half-pound recloseable bag
In Stock:Yes
On Sale For:$10.00

One Pound Recloseable Bag
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On Sale For:$18.00

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