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Frequently Asked Questions

Bamboo Garden Icy-Crispy
Dragon Beard Candy


How it's made | How to Serve and Eat | Storage | Transporting the Candy | Where to FindNutritional Information | Pricing and Manufacturer Information

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The Making of Dragon Beard Candy

Is Bamboo Garden Icy-Crispy Dragon Beard Candy really handmade?
Yes, Bamboo Garden makes every piece of candy by hand. It takes at least two or three years of practice to become skilled at making dragon beard candy. Most of the candy makers have been making the candy for at least 10 years, and the founder of the company, Mr. Wong, has over 35 years of experience.
How many people know how to make dragon beard candy?
Worldwide, fewer than 400 people are believed to know the technique. Bamboo Garden has about 15 chefs who make the candy.
Is it easy to find dragon beard candy in China and Hong Kong?
Once it was quite common to find street vendors making the candy. However, due to the long period of apprenticeship, and the fact that most people making the candy work as street vendors, very few young people are interested in learning the technique. The number of people selling the candy on the street has therefore declined dramatically as older vendors retire. Bamboo Garden is often credited with reviving interest in the art of making this candy, preserving a 2000-year old tradition.
Are there different flavors?
At this time, Bamboo Garden produces one variety, featuring a filling composed of finely chopped, lightly toasted peanuts, sesame and coconut.

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How to Serve and Eat

How should I serve the candy?
For the best experience, we recommend chilling the candy for 30-60 minutes in your refrigerator or freezer before serving.

We suggest preparing some high quality tea such as oolong, sencha or kukicha, a cup of your your favorite coffee, or even a shot of espresso, to accompany the candy. Open the tubes as close to serving time as possible to minimize exposure to air and humidity.

The candy is very light and delicate, but we believe 1-2 pieces per guest is generally an appropriate serving size for a little treat to accompany your tea or coffee. Remove the pieces from the tray package and serve on our favorite small plate, or prepare a serving platter suitable for sharing among a group of friends.

If you want to remove the candy from the paper for serving purposes, we recommend first taking the candy out of the tray package, then using your thumb and forefinger to pick up the candy from the ends.
How should I eat the candy?
We recommend eating the individual pieces whole. Because the candy is so fragile, trying to take a bite out of the candy can cause small pieces to break off and land on your clothing. Of course, the candy is is made without any colorings, so you won't have to worry about any stains.
The candy is made to be bite-sized.

When you have the candy in your mouth, you may bite down and the candy will shatter all over your tongue, providing the icy-crispy sensation; after that, the candy will quickly melt, and you'll experience the contrasting flavors of the peanut, sesame and coconut.

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Do I have to store the candy in the refrigerator?
No. We recommend you store the candy at room temperature. It keeps for about 4-6 months from the date of manufacture at room temperature. We do recommend serving the candy chilled, however, to get the signature Icy-Crispy texture. Between 30 and 60 minutes before serving, store in your refrigerator or freezer for the best experience.
What happens if I open a box of candy but don't want to eat it all right away?
Rest assured that opening the gift boxes will not damage the product. If you have opened a gift box, you will find 3 tubes containing 3 pieces in the small gift box, or 6 tubes of 3 pieces in the large box. Each tube is individually sealed, so if you can eat three pieces per serving, nothing will go to waste. If you open a 3-piece tube, we recommend to eat it soon after opening. After an hour or so, exposure to warm air and moisture would cause the candy to start to melt and become stiff.
If you need to keep a partially eaten 3-piece tube, you can try putting the tray back in the foil pack and storing in the refrigerator or freezer. The texture will change more rapidly than if you kept the single tube sealed, so we recommend eating as soon as possible.
Why does Bamboo Garden candy keep so long compared to the dragon beard candy I can buy from street vendors?
Bamboo Garden uses the traditional technique to make the candy, and all ingredients are completely natural.  The candy-makers use a special blend of sucrose (table sugar) and maltose (wheat germ sugar) cooked in a way that makes it possible for the candy to become crispy, but not hard, when chilled. The candy is placed in small plastic trays to minimize any damage from vibration or crushing forces. A beautifully printed foil polybag seals the candy, protecting the candy from air and moisture. A small silica packet placed outside of the tray traps any moisture lingering when the candy is packed.

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Can I ship the candy using the post office or a courier?
Yes. It is best to place enough padding around the gift boxes to keep them from moving around inside the shipping carton. You may want to mark the box "fragile". If you have bought the candy from a retail store, keep in mind that in the future you may also order from our web site and we will carefully pack and ship for you.
Can I put the candy in my checked luggage on an airplane?
For best results, put the candy in your carry-on and store the candy right-side up. However, if your luggage is packed tightly enough to minimize vibration, you will not usually experience any damage.
Can I keep the candy in my car?
In hot climates, there is some potential for damage to the candy if left in a parked car for an extended amount of time. Generally, transporting the candy in your car will not be a problem, but be mindful of ambient temperatures and don't store in extremely hot conditions for extended periods.

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Where to Find

Where is the candy served?
If you fly business class or first class on select US-bound Cathay Pacific flights originating from Hong Kong, you will receive a 2-piece package as a complimentary treat.
Where can I buy the candy?
In Seattle, WA, Bellevue, WA, or Beaverton, OR, you can find the candy at Uwajimaya locations. If you are unable to visit one of these retail stores, please use our online ordering system.

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Nutritional Information

Do you have a complete list of ingredients?
Bamboo Garden's Icy-Crispy Dragon Beard Candy is made from wheat germ sugar (maltose), sugar (sucrose), peanut, sesame, coconut, and cornstarch. No colors, flavorings or preservatives are added.
How many calories does a piece of dragon beard candy have?
Each piece is approximately 30 calories. A 3-piece tube has about 90 calories.
Do you have detailed nutritional information available?
Serving Size: 3 pieces (roughly 18g)
Calories 90 (kCal)
Calories from fat 40.5 (kCal)
Total Carbohydrate 10g  
     Sugars 3.5g  
Total Fat 4.5g  
     Saturated Fat 1.2g  
     Cholesterol <1mg  
Protein 2g  
Dietary Fiber <1g  
Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C <180mg/serving  
Sodium 6mg  

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Pricing and Manufacturer Information

What is the pricing?
The suggested retail price for the United States is $27.90 for the Large Gift Box (18 pieces), or $16.50 for the Small Gift Box (9 pieces). Sampler-size tubes are available at some outlets, and have a suggested retail price of $5.45.
I know I can get dragon beard candy from street vendors in Hong Kong, China and Singapore at much cheaper price. Why is Bamboo Garden's product so much more expensive?
Bamboo Garden has established an excellent reputation in Hong Kong and Singapore for quality and elegance.
Although you can find a similar kind of candy on the street in Asia, it will not usually transport well and the texture will deteriorate quickly. In humid conditions, the candy may start to change within 30 minutes.

Bamboo Garden uses the best quality maltose, peanuts, sesame and coconut to make the candy and has impeccable quality control standards. The company was recently HACCCP certified, proving a commitment to hygienic conditions and careful quality control processes.

Bamboo Garden is the first company to make a high quality, handmade dragon beard candy that keeps for 4-6 months without preservatives or chemicals. The distinctive Icy-Crispy texture and beautiful packaging has made Bamboo Garden's product a popular gift in Hong Kong and Singapore.

At YuzuMura.com, we charge roughly the same price as Bamboo Garden sells the candy for in Singapore. There is a slight premium over the Hong Kong price (between 5-8%) to cover air transport costs to the US. YuzuMura.Com tries to avoid underselling Yuzu Trading Co.'s retail partners, so you may be able to find slightly better pricing at some retail stores.
Do you have special pricing for corporate gift customers?
Yes, for corporate events with quantities of 20 or more boxes, we are happy to offer special pricing or additional services. Please contact us by telephone or email to discuss your need, or visit our Corporate Gift page to learn more.
How long has Bamboo Garden been in business?
Bamboo Garden was founded in 1994 to bring traditional Chinese confections to a contemporary audience. The Bamboo Garden brand of dragon beard candy has been sold since about 1999.
Does the manufacturer have their own web site?
Yes. You may visit the Bamboo Garden's corporate site at http://www.bamboogarden.com.hk/ if you have a Macromedia Flash enabled web browser.

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