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Matcha Latte Mix FAQ  


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About Matcha

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What is Matcha?
Matcha is a ground green tea powder made from steamed green tea leaves. Matcha is made from tencha, which is a kind of tea kept in the shade for the last phase of its growing cycle, then steamed before. Matcha is typically consumed in the Japanese tea ceremony, but has increasingly become popular as a flavor in desserts and snack foods, and occasionally as a seasoning in savory foods.
Is matcha healthier than other teas?
We don't make health claims regarding the products we carry. We recommend consuming moderate portions of a wide variety of things; we don't think any particular food or beverage is a magic bullet that will make you healthier. We can tell you that matcha is made from the whole leaf of unfermented (green) tea. Green tea contains vitamin C and trace nutrients. When making a matcha latte, you get all of the nutritional value of the tea leaves. Three Tree Tea's Matcha latte mix also contains fine sugar, and is generally mixed with milk or soymilk to create a hot or cold beverage.
Is Three Tree Tea's Matcha powder different than other matcha latte mixes?
We think so. Some products called "iced green tea powder" or "matcha latte mix" are offered in Asian supermarkets. Most of these are made with a lower quality matcha and higher amount of sugar; some contain non-dairy creamer or powdered milk to give you a kind of creamy appearance. Some of these are cheaper; we know one that costs about 20% less but requires about 50-70% more powder per serving and tastes different, so you won't save much by choosing a lower quality. We are confident you will enjoy the quality of Three Tree Tea's "Matcha Latte" mix.


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How can I make a Hot Matcha Latte?
We use about 1 tsp. Ippuku Matcha Latte Mix for every 4 oz. milk. For hot drinks, measure before heating the milk. First steam or heat the milk. Put the required amount of matcha latte mix into your cup and pour a small amount of milk into the cup. Whisk or stir ingredients together, then pour in the rest of the milk
How can I make an Iced Matcha Latte?
Using using a similar ratio to the hot latte, we'd recommend shaking in a cocktail shaker or serving container to blend and foam the milk.
What other drinks can I make?
With the help of a blender, we have made milkshakes using the matcha mix, vanilla ice cream, and a bit of milk. Using ice instead of ice cream, you can create a frappe drink (iced blended drink).
What kind of milk should I use?
You can use your favorite kind of milk, and that includes whole milk, reduced fat milk, soymilk, or rice milk. Our preference is for whole milk, but we usually serve nothing larger than a 12 oz. drink, which uses about 8 fl. oz. of milk.
Can I use Matcha Latte mix in baking?
We have successfully used Matcha Latte mix in recipes for cookies and so on. For each 4 tsp. matcha latte mix, reduce sugar in your recipe by 1 tbsp.


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How long can I keep "Ippuku" Matcha Latte mix?
We recommend that, once opening the matcha latte mix package, you use it within about 3 months.
How should I store "Ippuku" Matcha Latte Mix?
Please reseal the bag after each use and store in a cool, dry place.


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