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"Ippuku" Matcha Latte mix  

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Frequently Asked Questions | Serving Suggestions

A rich, full-bodied base to make your own signature Matcha Latte. Just the right proportion of sugar and matcha to give your drinks and snacks a round, smooth flavor. Other serving suggestions are provided on the back label of each package.

The matcha mix in Three Tree Tea's product is quite powerful, so we recommend the following ratios for their brand:

Recommended proportion: 1 teaspoon for each 3-4 oz. milk.

Example serving suggestions:

Iced matcha latte: 4 teaspoons matcha latte powder; 12 oz. milk. Shake with ice in cocktail shaker.
Hot matcha latte: for a 12 oz latte, use 3 teaspoons matcha latte powder; mix with about 10 oz. milk. The milk should be steamed using your espresso milk wand, or whisk while heating in a small saucepan on your stove. May also use a microwave. Watch your milk carefully; it will foam rapidly.
Matcha Shake: 3-4 teaspoons matcha powder, 1 large scoop of ice cream, milk or ice, mixed in electric blender.

  1 lb. Pouch
SKU: TTT-ML-454g

1 pound package of Matcha Latte mix; reclosable bag.

Dimensions: 6x6x2
Weight: 1.2
In Stock: Yes
  8 oz. pouch
SKU: TTT-ML-227g

Half-pound Matcha Latte mix, resealable.

Dimensions: 4x4x2
Weight: 0.7
In Stock: Yes
  8 oz. silver tin
Description: The same great quality matcha latte in a cute silver gift tin.
Dimensions: 6x4x4
Weight: 1
In Stock: Yes
  6 pack 1 lb Matcha Latte
Description: Six one-pound pouches of Three Tree Tea's popular matcha latte blend. An excellent deal for high-volume users, or for sharing with friends.
Weight: 7
On Sale For:$107.50
In Stock: Yes

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